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General FAQ

What is Perflance.com?

Perflance.com is an online job marketplace that provides a platform for Employers, Service Buyers and Service Providers around the globe to collaborate for work securely. Individuals or businesses in need of skilled help for short or long-term jobs can post those jobs and allow freelancers to submit proposals for the completion of the work within a given time period.

For Employers, Perflance.com provides immediate access to thousands of independent Job Seekers with specific skills, without the need to place job ads or provide work space, insurance, etc. For Job Freelancers, Perflance.com offers a constant source of part-time to full-time work opportunities, without the trouble and expense of advertising and self-promotion

I am an Employer, how will Perflance.com work for me?

You can gain a competitive advantage over your competition by tapping into a skilled global workforce on demand. If you are a small business and can't afford to hire a full time staff, don't Panic! The power of Perflance.com is available for small to medium businesses! Whether it's a website that needs building, business cards or stationary that needs designing, a product that needs to be designed or manufactured, or research that needs to be done, this is your place! Thousands of skilled freelancers are ready to start working right now! All you need to do is POST A JOB for FREE! Perflance.com provides a convenient, safe environment for service buyers and skilled workers around the world to conduct business using innovative communication tools.

I am a Freelancer, how will Perflance.com work for me?

With Perflance.com, you can tap into a global network of businesses and projects, the ultimate opportunity in job flexibility! Work on what you want, when you want and where you want to! The lifestyle of a Freelancers is taking off and gives unparalleled job flexibility. By working as a online employee, you can greatly increase your client base and job throughput. You can work at home and tap into a global pool of employers across a huge range of industries! To start, all you need to do is signup and start Bidding. It's FREE!

How secure is to do project through perflance.com?

At Perflance.com we believe in providing clean and secured freelancing environment, and take care of all necessary things by default. For example, proposals submitted on any project are hidden by default, Employer can block users from sending unwanted messages, and can also mark spam or robot proposals. All these features keep unwanted people away and provide ethical and competitive environment for work.

For Employers & Service Buyers

What are the fees for Posting a Project?

Posting a project is absolutely FREE! Just click on "Post a Project" button available on the home page, describe your requirements and submit. Your project will be posted instantaneously.

You can also purchase some add on services available at the time of posting a project, that includes 1 to 1 video chat feature/Whiteboard/Quality Testing & Project Management Services. These services are introduced for screening proposals and freelancers before awarding project, thus providing more transparency and security to service buyers.

How can I search Freelancers?

With Perflance.com, you can search thousands of Freelancers and Companies from all around the world. There is a search bar available on top of every page through which you can search service providers on the basis of Keywords, Skills, Country and Hourly rates.

The search results will provide you detailed information about all available providers matching your search criteria. Click on any profile and you would be able to see their Portfolio, Profile Description and various important profile metrics.

How can I use 1 to 1 Video chat & Whiteboard feature?

Post your Project > Wait for Proposals > Shortlist Freelancers > and then you can invite these shortlisted candidates for Live Text Chat, 1 to 1 Video Conferencing or for a Whiteboard session. You can do video chat & run whiteboard session simultaneously.

To use these features, just log in to Perflance.com, and click on Video/Whiteboard button available in the middle right section of your Dashboard. This will open a Drop Down for selecting your ongoing project, select it, and click submit. This will initiate the Video/Whiteboard session and will automatically send the invitation to your selected service provider along with details to access it.

For live text chat, just refer to the Chat Box available in the bottom right section on all pages. Here you can see all your shortlisted candidates and their online status. Just click on any name and you can start Text Chat anytime.

For Freelancers & Service Providers

What are the fees for using Perflance.com

It's always free to create account and submit proposals on all types of projects. As a Free User you get 50 bids per month. If you want more bids then you can always upgrade to our premium packages.

Click here to view pricing for freelancers.

What benefits a Premium Service Provider will have?

Premium Freelancers will have some additional benefits over Free Users. A premium user will get more number of bids per month, can buy bid top ups to add more bids to their account anytime. And the best of all these is, they would be able to Initiate Video Chat/ Text Chat or Whiteboard discussions with the Employers for which they have submitted proposals (No matter if employer has enabled these premium features in their project or not).

A free user can only perform Live Text Chat with the employers only if the employer has invited or shortlisted them specifically.

How will I get paid and how securely?

Our Safe Escrow Payment system ensures that service provider do submit at least 25% of the project value in Escrow account before actually beginning the project. Rest of the payment can be deposited in Escrow account based upon milestones you have agreed upon. The escrow payment is held safe by Perflance.com and is released to freelancer once the milestone is complete and agreed by both parties.

Once payment is released, you can withdraw it easily to through Paypal, Bank Transfer or International Check.

How can i promote my profile on Perflance.com?

As a premium provider you are allowed to add Facebook Like Box on your profile page. Your strong social presence on Facebook will attract more buyers on Perflance.com.

You can also run Pay Per Click and Pay Per View ads on Perflance.com. You can easily preview your ads, and target buyers from any specific country. These ads are presented to Service Buyers/Employers at various places on their profile. If a buyer clicks on your ad, he is presented with a Request Quote form through which he can leave you a message on perflance.com. That's not all. This employer will be automatically added to your Live Text Chat list so that you can initiate chat discussion with him. This feature is available for both Free & Premium freelancers.


How safe I am against false dispute claims from users?

Before initiating any project we encourage that the final Scope of Work and agreed Work Terms should be uploaded to Perflance.com under "Upload Agreement" section. Once approved by employer and freelancer, this copy can not be modified by any party and will be used by Perflance Staff for dispute resolution. By maintaining proper agreement, you can always safe guard your incentives.

How to send offline message & read old messages?

Just open the chat window from the chat box, and leave a message there. User will receive this message under message notification window in top menu, under messages section and in email also.

To view your old chat script, or search for any previous chat discussion, just click on messages icon under left menu. Here you can see all your chat history, offline messages etc.

How can I attach a file with Text Chat Message?

Yes you can! Just click on messages icon in left menu, select the user, and then click on "Attach a File" button to add any file to your discussion.

Can I share my contact details?

Sharing contact details is strictly not allowed on Perflance.com. Anyone found sharing or trying to share contact details will be permanently suspended from our website.

How can I earn Affiliate Money?

Just login to your account and click on "Refer & Earn" button available on dashboard. Under the referral tab, you will see available options for earning Affiliate fee. First is the share your affiliate URL with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google. You can also email this link to your friends and request them to join Perflance.com

The second option is to add custom Widget on your personal blog, or business website. Just customize look and feel of the widget, and click on "Get Code" button. This will generate a unique embed code that you can easily paste on your website. The widget will start showing Live projects from Perflance.com right away and you will earn your affiliate income from all qualified referred users from your website.