Equipped With Most Advanced Features To Help You Find Right Freelancers

Text Chat

Perflance users can easily communicate with other users by using our Text Chat service included as a part of the system. You just need to invite users to chat. You can exchange notes with a user when they are online. Chat is retained as a part of the project documentation.

Video Conferencing

Chat and voice are great – but nothing beats video for allowing you to really get in touch with other users – and actually seeing the facial expressions and knowing who is your service provider or buyer. You can now use all three methods, Chat, Voice & Video in Perflance.com.

Real Time White Board Chat

Now you can explain more easily by using our White board. No matter how good you are at explaining ideas, nothing beats a live visual – a drawing or a sketch. Better explanations = better understanding = less rework and quicker project completions.

Manage Project Files

In Perflance we save all your job files and other data and give you easy access through your dashboard. You just need to save your files once to Perflance and access them anytime from anywhere and even share these files with others.

Internal Promotion

Perflance offers you advertising space on internal pages to promote your business. You can create, publish and edit your advertisements easily.

Easy Task Management

Track your job’s progress with our state-of-the-art yet simple Task Management System. Both freelancers and employers can access this service and keep job status up-to-date.

Quicker Dispute Handling

Our Team of Dispute assistants are ready 24/7 to assist with any issues that arise. And the service is offered Free of Cost. Sometimes it really helps to have a third party available to help with the discussions.

Secured Payment

Perflance safely facilitates payments to freelancers. Escrow is a secured and effective way to pay for fixed-price work and Perflance protects both parties by managing pre-funding work and payment release payments only when the deliverables are accepted and approved.