We’ve Moved Beyond Unethical Competition, Disputes and Delays!

Perflance.com is a Next-Generation online services marketplace equipped with state-of-the-art communication tools, simple project systems, intelligent filters and various innovative features for Freelancers and Service Buyers.

This radically new system is designed to eliminate unethical and low-priced proposals from non-competitive bidders. At the same time, we focused on improving communication to help you easily and quickly grasp the client requirements. Understand, perform, deliver and get paid swiftly with Perflance.com to build a strong online presence and attract the next customer.

Note: We keep all proposals and bids hidden from other freelancers allowing you to bid openly and match the client’s budget. It’s a win-win for you and the client!

Do The Work You Love To Do - Projects And Jobs Matching Your Skills

On Perflance.com you will find wide range of projects and jobs posted by employers for 400+ different skill sets.

Simply search projects matching your skills, submit proposal, communicate with clients using Live text chat, Video chat & various other tools. Finally get awarded & paid securely. Isn't it awesome?

And you know? it's FREE to create your account and submit proposals!

Better communication tools take the guess-work out of the project setup and shield you from fake service buyers – a really different experience!

Submit Private Proposals, Bid on secured projects and become a VIP.

Submitting proposal is as easy as writing your name. Just share your bid amount, the time to deliver and briefly describe your offer. The employer will be notified right away by email and through the notification panel.

Freelancers submitting proposals on "Secured Projects" get VIP status on successful completion. VIP Freelancers are included in our list of recommended Service Providers to all future clients.

Communicate, Communicate & Deliver!

  • Text Messaging: This allows you to interact with each other via real time text messages. It is a basic feature available for both, free and premium freelancers.

  • 1 to 1 Video Chat: Using this, clients can easily communicate with freelancers face to face (needs a webcam). This makes comprehension easy for freelancers. Clients can also easily elaborate on the work desired from freelancer in his own explanatory words.

  • Shared White Board: Much like screen sharing, white board is a new feature at Perflance. White Board works as a shared design tool allowing clients to free-form their design instructions, ideas and make the project clear – a picture is worth a thousand words.

Want all these features enabled in all of your projects whether or not the client has opted for this feature? Be a premium freelancer and always have these tools available. Work smarter and deliver quickly!

Get paid by Milestones!

Our escrow payment system is one of the safest payment methods available online. You get paid as you progress at agreed milestones. Just deliver your work with quality, use our guidelines and our escrow payment and staff will take care of the rest.

Choose Perflance.com and experience Perfect Freelancing!!!