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I am Data Entry Specialist, I am a professional in any field of Administrative support. I have a set of skills wherein i can use to help a client with a highly satisfactory work accurate, effective and efficient. Fast-learner, reliable and simply you competent and potential VA worker. Creating a relatively and realistic commitments for projects and achieving the best outcome were main reasons to preserve the dynamic freelance worker in me. I subject myself not to engage into inappropriate projects that are not bound within my skills and knowledge capacities for me to excel, but rather makes reasonable performance that includes my interest, love, passion and meeting a well satisfactory success between clients and me.

I am Effective with the following:
1. Data Entry, Data Scrapping, Data Mining by internet research.
2. MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, Google Docs, DropBox.
3. Encoding.
4. Lead Generation(mailchimp).
5.Ad Posting, Email handling, Email sending.

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