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4th Dimension or 4D is a relational database management system and IDE developed in year 1984. It's superiority over other databases is with respect to it's performance and competitive price, due to the fact that 4D databases require very less expense on it's maintenance and administration. If you are looking for an expert 4d developer or 4d database development company, simply post your requirements on Perflance.com free of cost and hire 4d freelancers online at fraction of cost.

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Project Description Budget

4D and Wakanda $5-$987 USD

i am search on 4D developer and Wakanda Web developer, you are on ?

Skills: 4D

4D Developer $822-$4934 USD

Need a 4D programmer with HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS experience. Need to know about mobile applications that is on ios Windows phones and android. Need to know about

Skills: 4D AJAX MySQL

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